Jewelry engraving machine
Jewelry engraving machine
The jewelry printing machine is suitable for all kinds of materials, especially precious metals and alloys. The traditional craft is generally hand-carved and mechanical engraved, and the jewelry printing machine makes these expensive raw materials more intelligent. Now, the jewelry printing machine carries on the creative processing in jewelry with its flexibility.
Gift marking machine
Gift marking machine
CKLASER marking machine is suitable for electronic gifts, personalized customized gifts, business gifts and other gifts laser carving, laser hollowing out marking cutting process
Glass engraving machine
Glass engraving machine
Glass is a kind of transparent solid-like material, which is widely used in people's daily life. Due to the fragile property of glass, the process of processing glass products is at a standstill. CK laser glass marking machine provides a more accurate method for processing glass. A more straightforward method is to use single-photon absorption in the wavelength range, and the glass will not be highly transparent under infrared or ultraviolet light
Others Laser marking machine
Others Laser marking machine
CKLASER marking machine can also be used in clothing accessories marking cutting, greeting card carving hollowing out, food packaging coding cutting and other material applications, welcome to test.
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CKLaser products
TASTE Laser Marking Machine
50w TASTE 3D SCAN Jewelry Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Taste laser marking machine series is a brand-new  popular style  ...
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Metal Laser Marking Machine
Three-axis dynamic Metal Laser Marking Machine
CKlaser 3D laser marking machine is suitable for marking and marking metal m...
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MINI Laser Marking Machine
20w MINI Portable Desktop Laser Marking Machine
MINI laser marking machine is lightweight and small, with complete functions...
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AUTO TASTE Laser Marking Machine
Intellectualization Center Point Automatic Focus TASTE Series Laser Marking Machine
AUTO TASTE Laser Marking Machine  two sides of the cabinet and the Y ra...
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SuperMINI Fiber Marking Machine
SuperMINI Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Stainless Steel
Equipped with 2.5-inch super-large optical focusing system, SuperMINI Fiber ...
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet
Metal Engraver Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet
The metal sheet cabinet series marking machines adopt a new generation of th...
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SuperMINI CO2 Laser Marking Machine
SuperMINI CO2 Non-metal Engraving Marking Machine
Equipped with 2.5-inch optical focusing system,our co2 non-metal engraving m...
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Carbon Dioxide Non-metallic Laser Marking Machine
Carbon Dioxide Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet
CO2 Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet standard configuration of electric li...
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uv Laser Engraving Machine
Glass Engraving uv Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet
uv Laser Marking Machine With Cabinet full-cover softly-masked buttons direc...
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uv Laser Marking Machine
UV Precision Large Scale Laser Marking Machine
SuperMini uv Laser Marking Machine combines the advantages of functional des...
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Company PhilosophyBusiness philosophy:focus on providing customers with superior products and industry solutions.Management philosophy:people-oriented, to encourage innovation, forging the elite.Product philosophy: innovation, rigorous, practical.Service philosophy: caring service, considerate service. Company ProspectProspect: Becoming a world-class laser company.Target: Struggling for China Smart Manufacturing to make a influence on world.Core: Customers-oriented, respecting peer, loving employees.Significance: Customer-oriented development, learning from international and domestic high-level peers, in line with the development of people-oriented. Sales TeamCKLASER is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou. Besides, we have different domestic branches company in Suzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and many other branches and offices, beloved by many foreign agents, such as Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States , Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Iran and other regions, enjoying great brand acceptability from the world. R&D TeamExcellent products are from a tireless, diligent and rigorous R & D team. At present, we mainly focusing on three aspects: software design, mechanical design, optical design. Company HonorCKLASER became the first member of Association of laser units in Guangdong Province in 2011.CKLASER was awarded the tenth anniversary of Roffen the best partner. in 2015.
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