50w TASTE 3D SCAN Jewelry Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Taste laser marking machine series is a brand-new  popular style  product created by our company. This equipment integrates more than ten years of experience in equipment manufacturing and software development, and is highly combined with exclusive mechanical design, optical path design and original software control system.

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    20-50 watts
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50w TASTE 3D SCAN Jewelry Fiber Laser Marking Machine

TASTE Laser marking Machine

What is 3D SCAN ?

3D SCAN is designed for TASTE laser marking machine series based on Auto-focus plus function. What 3D SCAN can do is to identify the marking area through placing one thousand laser points on the 3D subject;

surface,all those points will form a line,and this line can be automatically move backward until it finshed scanning subject,then we will get 3D model in our 3D software. What you can see from the 3D model is what you can get from our newest Taste laser marking machine.

What 3D SCAN solved ?

• No need to worry about marking on irregular surface

• Avoid bad maring quality problem dueing to postion error

• High cost for building 3D model problem

TASTE laser marking machine characteristics:

  • Design concept: mold manufacturing, lightweight design (using ABS+PC (whole machine < 50KG)).
    European standards and safety protection.

  • Class1, awesome button and handle box, function indicator.

  • 3D marking function.

  • Relief function, color carving function.

  • Central autofocus function.

  • Eight, electric lift, lighting, two external and one built-in red light function.

  • Super-large all-aluminum base plate for easy positioning.
    Extra large processing space.
    Three exhaust vents design.

  • Fast detachable door design to expand the processing space.

  • APP function, intelligent detection.

  • Expansion function of multiple peripherals.

  • Simple maintenance design, all components can be replaced in 15 minutes.
    The optional bottom cabinet can put the dust collector and computer into it, and the cantilever of the high-grade display is easy to adjust.

Center point auto focus

Exclusive research,High-precision one-button auto focus function can be achieved. With security, process reminder, quick use,simple maintenance, and so on.

FB Laser Marking Machine

Safety protection

The use of low-voltage DC24V control equipment start and stop, induction closing technology and professional protection window, you can watch the operation of the laser at any time, effectively reduce the accidental injury caused by fault operation.

Metal Laser Marking Machine

Three-axis dynamic technology

By importing 3D model design and setting parameters, the accurate control of 3D marking and relief can be realized.

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