Why choose laser marking machine to cut paper?
Jun 18 , 2020

Overview of greeting card laser hollowing out machine equipment: 

As the laser is more and more widely used in various industries, the laser processing technology of paper is also constantly improving, and laser processing has become a great driving force for the development of the paper industry. Chuangke Laser is a domestic enterprise that has launched a paper engraving machine.

Paper laser hollowing machine according to the characteristics of paper products, it is equipped with professional paper product marking software, which is specially designed for carving hollowed-out processes such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, paper, greeting cards, etc., with fast marking speed and easy operation of the equipment. the performance is stable. 

Greeting card hollowing machine

Application Industry: 
Paper jam, clothing, jeans, leather, cloth toys, home decoration cloth, handbags, gloves, toys and other industries cutting and surface carving. Fine cutting of non-metallic materials such as handicrafts, paper jam, decoration, plastic industry, etc. 
Suitable material: 
Greeting cards, invitations, sugar boxes, paper-cut, 3D paper carving lanterns, pet, New year pictures, packing boxes and other paper materials. 

Greeting card hollowing machine

Advantages of greeting card laser hollowing machine:

1. Paper laser hollowing machine equipped with a 2.5-inch super-large optical focusing system, the spot is smaller, the thermal effect is reduced, and it is not blackened or yellowed. 
two。. Higher precision, more precise hollowing out by paper jam laser cutting.
3. The use of large load capacity of the motor, better heat dissipation, reduce temperature drift; 
4.800*800mm large adjustable picture. 
5. Strong control and driving ability (2500W) and good anti-interference ability. 
6. Faster cutting speed and 20% increase in efficiency. 
7. It can expand the functions of intelligence and automation, and improve work efficiency in an all-round way.

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