Why should I buy laser Marking Machine to process clothing accessories?
Jun 18 , 2020

Clothing Laser Marking Machine Introduction:

In order to solve the pain points in the laser processing of clothing cases, bags and accessories, CKlaser has developed a super clothing laser marking machine based on the 13-year three-dimensional dynamic laser marking technology to optimize, upgrade and control the cost of the original mature and advanced technology.

Clothing Laser Marking Machine

Application Industry: 

Clothing, jeans, leather, cloth toys, home decoration cloth, handbags, gloves, fabrics and other industries cutting and surface carving. Fine cutting of non-metallic materials such as handicrafts, paper jam, decoration, plastic industry, etc. . 

Suitable material: 

Suitable for wood products, paper, leather, cloth, clothing accessories, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, stone, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials.

Clothing Laser Marking Machine

The characteristics of CKlaser clothing laser marking machine: 

  • Clothing Laser Marking Machine equipped with a 2.5-inch super-large optical focusing system, the spot is smaller and the thermal effect is reduced.

  • The precision is higher, and the small character laser marking of clothing is more professional. 

  • The use of large load capacity of the motor, better heat dissipation, reduce temperature drift; 

  • 800*800mm large adjustable picture, the format of clothing marking is more fine. 

  • Strong control and driving ability (2500W) and good anti-interference ability. 

  • Faster cutting speed and 20% increase in efficiency. 

  • It can expand the functions of intelligence and automation, and improve work efficiency in an all-round way.

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