Cosmetic Mirror|Bathroom Mirror Big Scale Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The launch of the super smart mirror laser marking machine is the application of laser technology in the smart mirror, showing the people-oriented concept of science and technology, and it is of real significance to integrate science and technology into life.

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  • Machine model:

  • Laser power:

    70 watts
  • Wavelength:

  • Marking Range:

    350- 800mm(Optional)
  • Marking Speed:

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Cosmetic Mirror Bathroom Mirror Big Scale Fiber Laser Marking Machine

CKLASER as a forerunner in the design of super laser marking machine, based on 13 years' industry experience and industry-leading research and development capability of three-dimensional dynamic laser marking machine, combined with the application of smart mirror industry and the needs of manufacturers, independently developed a super smart mirror laser marking machine with clear marking, high speed and high precision, and can carve all kinds of symbols and patterns.

Laser equipment recommendation:

Equipped with 2.5-inch super-large optical focusing system, it can be used in a wide range of metal materials industries such as auto parts, moulds, glass decoration and so on.

CKlaser 3D laser marking machine is suitable for marking and marking metal materials such as plane, curved surface, high and low surface, inclined plane, irregular surface and so on.

Big Scale Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Mirror Laser Engraving Machine

Functional features:

  • High power custom laser

    The use of professional customized high-power fiber laser, good beam quality, stable operation, can provide higher single pulse energy, and effectively improve the efficiency of laser output.

  • Customized large-size optical galvanometer

    Using the super-size optical lenses of the CKLASER super marking machine series, compared with similar products, the size is increased by 60%, resulting in finer focusing light, faster processing efficiency, and stronger Z-direction processing ability.

  • The large countertop is specially designed for plate processing.

    According to a standard plate size 1.22M*2.44M, we have designed a worktable with a maximum machining width of 1.25m, which can complete the plate processing of transverse 1.22M*1.22M at one time and facilitate the docking plate production line.

Process application:

Laser Engraved Mirror

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