Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

While creating more value for customers, CKLASER also provides upgrade support for the development of the industry, and strives to become a leader in some industries, we want leading the advantages, guiding the correct values, and promote a healthy and vigorous development.


Since its founded, CKLASER has been committed to being an international first-class laser company, attaches great importance to product upgrade and innovation, with a top-level technology R&D team composed of more than 10 years of experience, including software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and industrial designers, they have made outstanding contributions in the fields of optical design, software development, mechanical design, electrical control.


CKLASER also cooperates with South China Normal University , Guangdong Mechanical Technician College and other institutions, we have a study base to grow students. It develops and upgrades products or technologies from a scientific perspective to ensure products are standing at the global leading level.


CKLASER has established strategic long-term cooperation with German giants such as Rofin Laser and IPG Laser, aim is make our technical support in deep-level and micro-level.

At present, CKLASER made great contributions in optical design, software development, mechanical design, electrical control. More than 1/2 of our patents are invention patents, far ahead of the industry.

In 2007, we started the era of large-format laser marking. In 2008, 3D dynamic focusing technology was developed. In 2018, 2.5-inch large optical system was designed.

In 2009, a professional LGP doting system was developed. In 2015, 3DLASER marking software was developed and met the market. In 2017, the equipment intelligent communication monitoring system was developed.

In 2014, a 3D PTB laser marking machine was came out. In 2018, China's first 3D gantry laser marking machine was manufactured.

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