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The new jeans laser finishing machine: affordable, flexible and efficient


Today denim jeans industry is trending toward sustainable manufacturing: less wast water, fewer chemicals and more healthy to the worker. In jeans making the most valuable part is finishing like whisker, brush, destroy, grinding, that make the jeans more fashionable and special.

In traditional jeans washing process it will use many chemicals as below:

De-sizing agent, Enzyme, Bleaching powder, Anti-back stain, Caustic&soda, Potassium permanganate, Sodium Meta Bi-sulphite, Acetic Acid, Hydrogen peroxide, Stabilizer, Brightener, Softener

By using laser technology the washing process will be simpler and easier. It reduces the usage of chemicals, water, and saving labor costs.


Comparing to Jeanologia, VAV, and Arges we provide an affordable jeans laser marking solution to the customer. we have extracted the core function from jeans marking with quality components such as Rofin(Luxinar) laser source, our patented big scale scanhead, control card, and software. You will get back your investment on the machine in one year.


The jeans trending is changing from time to time, laser marking technology can enable the customer to keep tracking to the change in a fast pace. No molding needed, easier to change design and sample proofing. You can use the machine to do effects like whisker, brush, destroy, and bitmap separately or do marking together.


Efficiency is the most important factor that customers consider. With CK Laser jeans marking machine customers can process 1500-2000 jeans per day. And the machine can run 7x24 hours to provide non-stop production to customers. One more thing is the machine can be placed anywhere in the factory workshop, no air-conditioning room needed.

Affordable, flexible and efficient, that our philosophy of making machines. We hope our customers can get value from the machine and save time. Meanwhile, the jeans industry can reduce pollution, make workers healthier and have sustainable development.

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